Bible Study: The S.O.A.P. Method!

My favorite way to study the bible is the S.O.A.P. method. It's not just your traditional way of reading the Bible. When I use this method I feel like I actually learn, not just memorize! As a Christian the Bible is our handbook for LIFE. Learn it & most importantly LIVE IT! S.O.A.P is an acronym for Scripture, Observation,… Continue reading Bible Study: The S.O.A.P. Method!

Making Lemonade. #MotivationMonday

As a college student, Monday is my least favorite day of the week. My alarm went off at 6:45 this morning and I had to actually leave my bed and be a productive young adult. Oh how I  dread Mondays. In my mind, Monday is a thunderstorm with gloom and no sunshine. It is a biscuit with… Continue reading Making Lemonade. #MotivationMonday