10 Tips for Success at the Thrift Store

THE NEW YOU.pngHopefully now you are worry free and motivated, ready for some retail therapy. When I started this blog I chose the name, Glam & Faith, because it described just who I am. A glamorous girl who loves God. Balling on a budget is my lifestyle. Who doesn’t like to save money?  Over the years my love for thrift stores has grown tremendously. At this point 60% of my closet is from second-hand stores. Thrift stores can be imitating, so here are 10 tips for success on your next thrift run.

  1. Make a Wish List

Have something in mind you would like to find at the thrift store? Write it down and take it with you every vist. Before you look for anything else check for those items. Not only will you be over-joyed to find the items you want, a wish list will make every store visit an adventure.


Remember, these are gently used clothes. A 6 on the tag, may not be a 6 on the body. Try every item on to insure the fit is perfect before buying. Depending on the store they may have a strict return policy and you might waste your coins on an item you can’t fit.

3. Visit Different Stores.

Don’t just stick with one Goodwill. Explore several different Goodwill stores in several different areas. Savers, Salvation Army, & Red Rack are also great places to check out. Google thrift stores in your area and check out locally owned stores. Don’t let the look of the outside keep you from enjoying the inside.

4.  Check out of the Men’s Department

Ladies, don’t limit yourself to just women’s apparel. Venture over into the men’s department. That 3x shirt might be an amazing dress on you.

5. If you LOVE it, buy it.

I can’t begin to tell you how many things I WISH I would have purchased over the years. Remember, normally there is only one of each item. The chances of you going back and that item still being there are very slim.

6. Take Advantage of Sales and Discounts.

Pay close attention to the discount tag for that day. Also check with the store and see when their weekly sales are.

7. Mix and Match

Have a designer suit jacket with no shirt to match? The thrift store is a great place to find inexpensive basics to match with your designer items.

8. Don’t Buy Things You Don’t Need.

Yes, it’s inexpensive, but you don’t need it. Leave it on the rack and save it for another lucky person.

9. Inspect all of your Items.

Gently used clothes come with a little wear and tear. Be sure to check every item and make sure the amount of damage is something you can deal with. It’s nothing worse than getting home and discovering that cute blazer you got has a giant rip in it.


Lastly, remember to have fun. Thrifing is a hobby. Enjoy yourself. Try on clothes outside of your comfort zone. Check out the book department. Take your friends with you and have fun.




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